Thai (style)

March 22, 2016

Thai (style)


A goal of mine in creating this blog was to work on my food styling skills. I’ve been able to hone those skills a bit the past few years at work, so I didn’t go into this completely clueless, but there’s an obvious freedom in styling something for your personal blog vs. a print ad for a business.

Today I adapted this Thai Chicken Salad from my weekly roundup and was just ridiculously inspired by the colors and textures. It also tasted amazing so that’s good news because I have like 10 days worth of salad now.

Asian (inspired) food is my fav, I’ve discovered. There is so much I have yet to try and any Asian person would probably LOL in my face if they asked me how adventurous I’ve actually gotten with the various cuisines – but hey, I’ll get there eventually. There’s a lot, okay??

This Thai style chicken salad is super fresh and filling. I’m 100% positive this is not an authentic Thai recipe, but true to Thai recipe form, it has approximately 600 ingredients. Which is fine. Here is a sampling of said ingredients:

Chicken was still hot AF so it is not pictured. This salad would be amazing with pretty much any kind of meat, but I feel like shrimp would take this to another level. However, I’m unemployed so a seafood budget isn’t on the horizon right now.

Another thought: I feel so sad for mutants people who don’t like cilantro. It’s not their fault. But like, I don’t think I could reproduce with someone who had the cilantro gene because I just wouldn’t want to do that to my kid.

Also, I’m about to start adding purple cabbage to everything just to make it prettier. It doesn’t even taste like anything. It’s only purpose is to make salad beautiful.

Head over to Wendy Polisi’s blog and check out this salad. It’s definitely worth having a ton of cabbage, cilantro, and scallions leftover in your fridge.

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