The Royal Return

May 18, 2018

The Royal Return


Hi guys!

So, it’s been a minute. How y’all doing? I was trying to think of a more casual way to just, like, pick up where I left off and pretend I haven’t been neglecting this blog for almost two years. That didn’t feel right though, and this thing needed a SERIOUS refresh. (Seriously, why was I on Tumblr? No shade but…😬) SO! Here we are. The Anti Al Dente looking real cute and clean.

Let’s just dive right back in.

So, you probably heard about an event happening across the pond tomorrow morning. A lil wedding of sorts. The Royal one.

There are very few appropriate reasons to wake up at 5:00am and drink mimosas, but I would argue that this is one. I will be joining two dear friends before the crack of dawn for an English breakfast, adult beverages, and a little slice of history. I don’t believe in going to such gatherings empty handed (protip: it’s rude), so in the spirit of the British, I made some scones! Lemon cranberry scones, courtesy of Smitten Kitchen.

I have never made scones before. I don’t even like scones that much, to be honest. But I thought maybe I just haven’t had a good scone before. I was correct.

These scones are awesome.

First of all, shoutout Deb at Smitten Kitchen, who is one of my FAVORITE food bloggers. She has been around for quite a while and she’s fantastic. I highly encourage you to follow her on social, read her blogs, and buy her cookbooks. I’m not surprised she’s the one who has turned my negative feelings towards scones around.

Here are some fun facts about scones:

  • They originated in Scotland, but rumor has it that the word ‘scone’ comes from the Dutch word ‘schoonbrot’ which means ‘beautiful bread.’ Can we just talk about how great it is that the Dutch have a specific word to describe beautiful bread? That’s beautiful.
  • Scones have been an essential part of the traditional English afternoon tea since the early 1800s
  • Scones are randomly popular in parts of South America, going as far south as Argentina and Patagonia, due to English, Scottish & Welsh immigrants.

Back to the recipe: I subbed meyer lemons for regular lemons (couldn’t find them), and fresh cranberries for dried cranberries (already had them). Pretty much the two things Deb says not to do in the recipe — but the end result was STILL great! They’re definitely best fresh out of the oven. And served with tea: the kind made from leaves and the kind made from gossip. Thats what afternoon tea is for, right? ☕🐸


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