My Perfect Bougie Breakfast Sandwich

June 27, 2018

My Perfect Bougie Breakfast Sandwich


My morning routine is a daily struggle of wanting to get a breakfast sandwich and choosing not to get one. It has been this way for several years now and I’m fairly sure that will never change. I LOVE a breakfast sandwich. But the ones you buy are generally not super healthy for every day consumption and absolutely expensive over time. I’d rather spend my hard earned dollars on iced coffee and starve until lunch, thank you very much. (This would be sarcasm if it wasn’t the truth.)

My go-to take out breakfast sandwich is usually a bacon egg & cheese on a croissant. Or a toasted english muffin, if croissants aren’t available. Or sausage if I know the bacon is gonna be soft and microwaved. Trust me, I know which places make that crispy bacon and plan accordingly.

I’ve been brainstorming my perfect breakfast sandwich for a while now. You know, just in my spare time, when I’m debating whether or not to buy a breakfast sandwich that day. I wanted a cross between a breakfast sandwich and a BLT minus the T. I like the sweet acidic flavor of tomatoes, but the texture is horrific on a breakfast sandwich IMO. Here’s what I figured out:

  • Croissants are non-negotiable
  • Fried egg, not scrambled
  • American cheese, melty AF
  • Mashed avocado. Mashed is important.
  • Hot pepper jam, for that sweet & spicy kick

Croissants are great because they taste amazing and have lots of surface area for all of the things on the sandwich. I prefer a fried egg, as scrambled eggs are slipperier and more likely to fall out. American cheese is a personal preference, but I like that it brings the class level down, just a notch. Crispy bacon, because crispy bacon is generally superior and it adds great texture. The avocado must be mashed, not sliced. I HATE when you bite into a sandwich with avocado and entire slice just falls out onto the plate. Mash that shit up like you do for the avocado toast y’all love so much. And one special ingredient: hot pepper jam. Sweet, spicy, a flavor you can’t place until you know what it is. So good.

This sandwich is a dream. I could eat it all of the time. I would, if butter wasn’t the dominating ingredient in croissants. But it is a fantastic treat for a Sunday morning and it’s just fancy enough to serve at brunch, if you felt so inclined.

I’m really passionate about breakfast sandwiches. I hope these inspire your passion, too.

Cheers! 🍳

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