Lobstahs & Bucket Lists

July 24, 2018

Lobstahs & Bucket Lists


Hi friends! So I just got back from a cute trip to New England with my mans. Well, not just got back. I got back a week ago. This post is a bit overdue.

For me, food is a huge part of traveling. Yes, sightseeing and activities and taking photos is great, but I think you only fully experience a place and its community by eating the food they take pride in making for you. Protip: to find the best places, CROWDSOURCE. I posted on Facebook asking for recommendations in Bar Harbor, the White Mountains in NH, Portland, and Boston. I got so many great recs, and while we obviously couldn’t do them all we were able to pick a few and also find a few great spots of our own.

That brings me to Young’s. Have y’all heard about lobster pounds? Excuse me, lobstah pounds? (We became very obsessed with mimicking the New England accent while we were there, and it immediately escaped us by the time we were home). They’re kind of a thing in Maine. A lobster pound basically describes a place that has containers full of live lobsters, and sea water circulating though to keep them alive and well. Young’s Lobster Pound in Belfast, ME was recommended to me by a fellow foodie so I knew it would be good. Their website was terrible but they had fantastic reviews. To me, this combo is always a good sign. We get there and, as photographers, talk about how gd cute it is. I mean, look:

We walk up, and they have a little chalkboard menu with the specials written down. Jon immediately suggests we get the “Bucket List”, a $65 platter of seafood. Unwilling to commit yet, I insist on going inside and looking at the rest of the menu.

We decided on the Bucket List.


For $65 we got:

  • 2 whole 1.5lb lobsters
  • a shit ton of mussels
  • a shit ton of clams
  • jumbo shrimp
  • ice cold fresh oysters
  • 2 ears of corn on the cob
  • all of the butter, lemon, & cocktail sauce

We were SHOOK.

Are you serious? This was too much food for two people, but we ate all of it because you don’t waste the freshest seafood you’ve ever had. And I’m from Maryland. I know about seafood! This was so good. It’s hard to describe how fresh it was. When you have less-fresh seafood, you get it. It tasted like the sea and exactly how each thing is supposed to taste. No weird fishy flavors. No salt. No seasoning. Just perfect, perfect seafood.

After our feast, we walked around and took some photos because, duh.

SO MANY CONTAINERS OF LOBSTERS. I can’t recommend this place enough. It’s low-key, has amazing indoor & outdoor views, and the most killer seafood I’ve ever had.

It’s also cute AF. Look at Captain Seaweed…!

If you find yourself in Maine – add this to your bucket list.


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