Oh hey! Welcome to The Anti Al Dente. I’m Rachel, and this isn’t your average food blog.

This blog is a byproduct of my love of food. Duh, every food blogger would probably say that. But I don’t just love cooking and eating. I love talking about food, learning about it – the science, the culture, the history, the tradition. Think about it: in almost every culture, sitting down for a meal is a social ritual. There is so much meaning behind this shared experience; it brings people together in ways so many other social experiences can’t. Everyone needs to eat, right? In my opinion, there is no simpler, and no greater experience than sharing an excellent meal with a loved one.

I want to share with you my experiences cooking & baking new, challenging recipes. Putting a new spin on the tried & true. Cooking with friends, regardless of their skill level in the kitchen. Cookbooks. Art and food and turning food into art and art into food. My love of Ina Garten. Trying to convince myself that healthy food isn’t boring. Wine. All of the wine.

Join me, will ya?

Cheers! ❤